Sunday, 10 June 2012

WIP 2 Star Wars

I've added more detail to a previous speed painting, may need to refine a few areas later on. I'm also thinking of toning down the stars brightness judging from looking at the image at a distance.

My goal from these practices would be to obtain various styles of working and to increase my productivity in image making.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Digital Painting

Works in progress, sketches of illustration from artists I find inspiring; such as Ashley Wood. A Wacom Intous 5 touch was well worth the money I am able to illustrate with such ease of use and it couldn't be more fun to use! I'll post my practice sketches for now, the next step will be to work more on my personal projects with techniques and skills which I am acquiring.

Maybe I could learn some flash on my day off when i'm deeper into my personal work, it's always been a software I've wanted to use in terms of my own work and future site/ online showcasing.