Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Wiped Blog

I've noticed that my blog is missing the images from my older posts, as I attempt to recover these please find all work samples on my website  http://scottwillders.daportfolio.com/

Dog walking branding startup

Recently created a business card and web logo for a startup dog walker. I chose to do the font by hand to add a more personal and friendly feel to the business (and to avoid possible copyright claims for font usage). The area where the person is based has a lot of lush green areas and Willow trees, so I wanted the card to reflect this.

The real challenge for this type of brand work is that the client did not want something which was too much like a cartoon, as most dog walking and pet related branding trends towards. While at the same time ensuring that it did not look too corporate, such as a banks branding.

Revised changes.

revised text and colour changes, the lime green variant is currently being used as a vinyl for the van, when it has finished being printed and applied to the van. I will be able to post photographs of the finished product. 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

more work for gaming channel

scene for horror game

scene for action game

I finished up a couple more images that I was working on this afternoon. They are clean images as they are at the moment with no text or graphics added yet for whichever videos they are uploaded with. The whole white mask thing is the channel creators image that he wants to portray himself as, out of context they make the paintings appear more macabre than they seem.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Coffee Mug

Was tasked to create an initial design image for a rough diagram of a domestic product for some marketing
students. Perhaps this could encourage to take up some 3D programs or search for some worthwhile experience in the design industry?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Self Initiated Project Final Images

The project personally turned out to be a great success, it took me roughly four days to get the final images done, with balancing my hours at my day job. I now have another string to my bow which I will proudly add to my portfolio to boost my storytelling, story boarding and my general all round skills as an illustrator.

I'll be uploading these on my other sites soon though I will want to upload the full sizes of each image under a new section. I believe it is now time to move to another time and build my own personal website from scratch.

Best used with either the 'screen' or 'soft light' filters under blending options in Photoshop under a mid level opacity setting. Don't forget to set layer masks if you with to take parts of the image away.

Self Initiated Project Working Progress

I've illustrated a small short story! cute and tragic, dark and bright. I have attempted to combine my vector and design skills with my restrained illustration style to create a personal way of image making. I beleive with the constantly evolving design and creative industry, multiple format outputs is necessary.

I already had a rough idea of what I wanted to do in my head before I started story boarding, something restrictive and dark that I could play with. With roughly twenty panels after some edits, I had a base for what I wanted to paint. Originally I was going to make the character a human child, though for multiple reasons I chose a minimalist looking animal instead, Better character design for this context of plot, cute looking animals are also great to use in stories! The other reason why I changed the character was because It would look too similar to the indie game LIMBO.

First step was to draw out the base of the image in 'Corel' very simple and easy to use brushes that work perfectly with my tablet. After the inital drawings were done, I exported all of them into .psd files and switched over to Photoshop.

Next I added textures and final touches from stock which I take with my camera (I'll attach the stock image for free in my next blog post it's a perfect rock texture for caverns) and vectors if needed for the monsters.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Emblem Update

After many revisions and attempting multiple colors, It was decided to use a monochromatic color palette and something for the design to rest on. A shield was used, not completely finished yet there are some minor things that need to be looked at such as the eyes or possible use of text, emblems on a transparent background.

Final Emblem design used, uploaded into player made 'legion sets' for an MMORPG that I'm fond of. The transparency was tricky due to only old format .targa or .bmps being accepted and the finite space of 256x256 pixels. But it was a fun personal project.