Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Wiped Blog

I've noticed that my blog is missing the images from my older posts, as I attempt to recover these please find all work samples on my website  http://scottwillders.daportfolio.com/

Dog walking branding startup

Recently created a business card and web logo for a startup dog walker. I chose to do the font by hand to add a more personal and friendly feel to the business (and to avoid possible copyright claims for font usage). The area where the person is based has a lot of lush green areas and Willow trees, so I wanted the card to reflect this.

The real challenge for this type of brand work is that the client did not want something which was too much like a cartoon, as most dog walking and pet related branding trends towards. While at the same time ensuring that it did not look too corporate, such as a banks branding.

Revised changes.

revised text and colour changes, the lime green variant is currently being used as a vinyl for the van, when it has finished being printed and applied to the van. I will be able to post photographs of the finished product.