Thursday, 23 August 2012

Envelope Designs

While applying for an intern ship I was required to design an A4 sized envelope to see if I was suitable for their requirements. The first steps proved to be the most challenging because of the stock and template for the envelope, with no success with a template design online or from a printing company, I decided to make my own to exact measurements in In Design.

my first idea was this hypnotic al pattern which I submitted in various scale sizes and colour variants, patterns produced in Photoshop CS5.

My second idea is this creative design that I found inspiring from sound and vision's illustrations, who have also produced similar work for music companies. In comparison to my first idea I also submitted this design in other scales and colour variants due the paper stock. Unfortunately the designs were not quite what they were looking for as the logos appeared static and placed while they were looking for a design that would gel into their logo's some more. It was quite a large learning curve for this small project and I have gained a lot more professional skill doing these.

Clean Illustration, produced using Illustrator CS5

Sunday, 5 August 2012

logo process for personal portfolio and blog

I have recently added a personal logo tag for my professional art portfolio, the process in the image is from top to bottom. I had difficulty with the fonts in the beginning because of  difficulty finding a strong font that was also legible for logo, using thin fonts for a subheading was not suitable for the logo either. The end result of this design is 'SVW ARTS' with a spot colour transition to differentiate the two words without needing to use too much word spacing,.