Saturday, 2 February 2013

Leaflet Design

Designs for a cleaning leaflet, stock images courtesy of 'Shutterstock'. Although designed for a domestic cleaning service. I wanted to strive towards experimentation in appeal in the design as well as visual pun in the name of the company.  I was able to demonstrate my photo retouching skills with this design, high pass filtering and adjusting the colour curves to match the backdrop of the leaflet.

These are some of my earlier designs where I experimented with typefaces and simplicity in design. I wanted to make my initial ideas 'shabby and chic' with old Deco style lettering and pattern design. However my latest design struck more of an impact, especially with the added sex appeal of the stock imagery I purchased.

Amadora Posters

Designed for an Italian Restaurant 'Amadora' to go on their Facebook, these could be the final designs if they are approved. I decided that less was more and really wanted to experiment with composition and impact of the lettering.

Drinks Menu

Currently doing some work to build up my skills and portfolio, a possible internship in graphics design to follow. This is an A6 sized drinks menu for an Italian restaurant  so far this week I have been doing small works alongside my day job.

Update: Revised design to fit into the feel of the restaurant, fonts and decals also in a blue version.