Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What I'm up to :)

Remember in my older post about trying out for a web comic known as 'The Other Sun', well after much chasing through e-mail and keeping in regular contact with the companys owner (gargler network) Richie Page, I am pleased to announce that I have been taken on board as one of his comic artists, so far I am on a trial basis and have one commission to do for him this month which is going to be a paid gig!

Additionally I am working on my illustration for Whirlygig's upcoming book 'Icons of the 90's' and the icon I am choosing to illustrator is none other than Rowan Atkinson who we all know as Mr Bean.

My cousin who is an author, Martyn Smith got in touch with me recently and offered me to illustrate his short story entitled "A Grim Noel" upcoming for the holidays, when the book is published I will get a split commission based on sales, it will look great for my portfolio so why not? so far no permanent work position yet but I am looking while doing these.

other than the commissions which are all going grande I'm looking into digital classes online and looking through 'computer arts' and 'mymodernmet' for inspiration and techniques to help improve my skills, the most recent issue of computer arts comes with a graduate showcase from Shillington art college, really talented stuff from there, the students level or work is driving me to improve my own illustrations.

Be sure to check out my portfolio for you consideration. http://scottwillders.daportfolio.com/

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