Thursday, 30 May 2013

Student Marketing Commission

I've recently assisted a group of marketing students, who go by the ALIAS of 'Team Iconique' to assist in creating their designs of a new product for L'Oreal Paris's Wildcard Contest. Based on their market research I was tasked to design two products, a 'Gloss Perfector' and a 'Wave Perfector' alongside other promotional material.

One of the team members works part time at my day job so I was able to discuss this work conveniently as well as messaging online, which proved useful to receive constant feedback from the team on initial ideas and prototypes. After the initial product designs were finished it was on to designing the press advertisements for their presentation.

I enjoyed this part of the project the most as I was able to show up my photo retouching skills, inverted high pass filtering, color and curves adjustments, gradient map and channel mixing.

With regards to my photo retouching skills I have been meaning to upgrade to Photoshop CS6 so I can make use of the oil brush filter tool for retouching hair properly, though with the Adobe suite packages being discontinued and creative cloud thriving, it is currently not in my budget to upgrade at the moment.

Final Pieces used, a variety of models such as phone apps and online advertising were produced for their contest entry, everything can be found on their presentation entry at this link on youtube.

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