Tuesday, 3 July 2012

logo design

I've been working on a temporary logo for an art collective I am founding known as 'all for one'. The origin of the name came from the collective starting with three people and played on the concept of the three musketeers 'one for all and all for one'. I proceeded to vector a musketeer sword from stock imagery and multiply it to make the sword cross shape, from there I chose a couple of colour palettes and played with a font I selected from a handful of others which were visually similar.  Heroic condensed is a successful font for a logo and I tried to warp the text to form a better shape, however this was ill-advised by a friend and the type should be left as it is so it can be better read and recognized as a logo, less is more so to say. The final decision was to choose a final colour scheme, however depending on what work and where I can put logo I could use any colour scheme and background I wish to suit the imagery and publications of the collective.

head over to our behance page to view our progress on the collective.

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